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Regina Schreiber

Theatrical pedagogue and play pedagogue, Vienna

by Augusto Boal

Forum Theatre

Based on a short scene of conflict with a clear "victim role", solutions of change become rehearsed with the audience, starting from a situation as it is, to change it as it could be. The audience takes on the role of "victim" and tries from that position to solve the conflict.

Statue Theatre - Picture Theatre

In the image theatre the participants should non-verbally comment on an issue by presenting it through images with your own body or the bodies of others.

Newspaper Theatre

This method works with texts (e.g. from newspapers). It is used to detect subliminal messages, half-truths and manipulations. With the help of various reading
techniques it is attempted to disclose the subjectivity of the text, and to make it visible.

An aim is to come closer to the political enlightenment.

Augusto Boal and Regina Schreiber in 1999 in Vienna

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