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Regina Schreiber

Theatrical pedagogue and play pedagogue, Vienna


6th of August 1961 in Vienna

Marital status




School education:

1968 - 1972

Elementary school, Vienna

1972 - 1976

Real high school, Vienna

1976 - 1979

Apprenticeship education in the chemist, Vienna

1983 - 1985

Part exams in psychology and philosophy, Vienna

Professional development:

2016 - 2020

20 hours of employment as a senior citizen's hostess and play pedagogue with committee Fortuna pensioner's dwelling houses in Vienna

2013 - 2016

Teaching-commissioned in the educational Unversität Vienna for the
University course of leisure educational theory

2006 - 2012

Teaching-commissioned in the Educational college of Vienna
Management of advanced trainings for duty schoolteachers

Since 2004 freelance

Independent activities:
Trainer for theatrical educational theory and play educational theory
Leader for creative dance and movement creation
Actress and directorial work in the international context
Trainer for improvisation, communication and body language
Projects with seniors at nursing homes, Wiener Neustadt, St. Pölten and Wels

1995 - 2004

Association "Vienna children - and youth care", Vienna; employment as a play pedagogue in the all-day elementary school "Avenue Aspern" Vienna

1994 - 1995

Freelance activities:
Video film-project in the nursing home "NÖ Landespflegeheim Wiener Neustadt"
Organisation of the forum theatre festival with Augusto Boal in Vienna


Trainer in the adult education

1991 - 1994

Nursing home "NÖ Landespflegeheim Wiener Neustadt": Employment as a senior citizen's attendant and play pedagogue

1987 - 1991

Freelance activities:
Forum theatre projects in AHS schools and in adult education
Theatrical-educational seminars with young people and adults
Theatre project with in- and foreign women

1984 - 1986

Employment with the association "Wiegl", care and public relations, Vienna

1979 - 1983

Food attempt institution "Blaastrasse in 1190 Vienna", employment as a laboratory assistant

Professional Education :

Since August, 2020

Education in the animal trainer with TAT, animals as a therapy, centre for human animal meeting, Sileneasse2 / 3, in 1220 Vienna

From September to December, 2019

Education to the telepathic animal communication. Mag. Bettina Miedinger-Siegel, Vienna

From January till October, 2006

Education in the leader for creative dance and movement creation in the country academy, St. Pölten

1997 - 1998

Creative dance - education institute of group and play, St. Pölten


Qualification for attendants in all-day schools, institute of leisure educational theory, Vienna

From February to June, 1995

Basic course media education in the multimedia information centre of the city of Vienna

From January 1992 till January 1993

Play educational theory in the education institute of group and play - AGB in OÖ and NÖ


Massage education

1987 - 1988

Theatre pedagogue education, Academy of Remscheid, Germany

Theatrical work and theatrical projects:

2005 - 2014

EU projects (Grundtvig 2 learning partnerships):
"C'you - C'me" (2005 - 2007) Workshop management and directorial work
"C'Europe on Stage" (2007 - 2009): Directorial work with forum theatre on Malta
August, 2012, Workshop and directorial work with forum theatre, Bulgaria
"Tell ME a Story" (May, 2013) Workshopleitung, Portugal and participation in the Grundtvigmeeting (October, 2013) Amsterdam and (May, 2014) Italy

2009 - 2012

Management of the courses "creative dance and movement creation", St. Pölten
Management of the theatrical project "Wittchen snow and the garden gnomes", a theatrical comedy with adults, Vienna
Management of the dance project "Rainbow dance" with demenziell changed people and employees of the senior citizen's hostel St. Pölten
Management of the theatrical project "Reminiscent cafe´ and reminiscent theatre, senior citizen's hostel Wels

2005 - 2008

Nursing home "NÖ Landespflegeheim Wiener Neustadt": Leader of the "theatre group of the special kind"


Kindergarten "Old Vienna": Dance and theatrical project


Spetses, Greece: Generation theatre with girls and women


Nursing home "NÖ Landespflegeheim Wiener Neustadt": Reminiscent theatre and generation theatre (Award: "Lion's heart NÖ")

2004 - 2006

Theatre group "Rearview Mirror" with Shurga Schrammel: Member and Co-Director


Nursing home "NÖ Landespflegeheim Wiener Neustadt": Reminiscent theatre

1999 - 2003

Member of a women's dance group with Auguste Reichel

1995 - 2004

Elementary school "Avenue Aspern", Vienna: Regular theatrical productions


Forum theatre festival with Augusto Boal, Vienna: Organisation and participation


"ÖIE - Südwind": Theatre project with young people, airfield Wiener Neustadt


"ÖIE - Südwind" INIGO project: Forum theatre with long-term unemployed people


"Ludwig Bolzmann institute", Vienna: 3 theatre workshops - sexual education


nternational forum theatre festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Participation with the theatre group "Wiegl"

1989 - 1990

Member of the women's dance group "IODO", Vienna

1981 - 1994

Foundation and a member of the theatre group and the association "Wiegl" - educational and political participation-theatre by Augusto Boal

Theatre-related advanced training:

2004 - 2006

Theatrical courses: "Act and Fun Theatre-school", Vienna


Theatrical workshop with Augusto Boal, Vienna


"The art to make forum theatre" with Augusto Boal Vienna


Workshop with Augusto Boal, Vienna


Institute of empiric research (IFES): 3 Workshops - statue theatre


Theatrical work with Augusto Boal, Vienna


Videotechnology and project work, Multimedia Information Centre, Vienna


Seminar "animation for handicapped people", Institute of Leisure Education, Vienna


Continuing education week "The epic theatre Brecht`s", Academy Remscheid, Germany


Integrative movement educatio with Auguste Reichel


Dance and movement theatre with Lisaura Souto


Theatre in the "playroom" with Gerhard Werdecker


Clown and fools theatre with Hubertus Zorell


Pantomime and body language with Nika Brettschneider


Pantomime and body language with Andreas Vitasek (3 days)


Theatre-related publications:

"Theatrical-educational work in social projects", ÖIE - Lower- Austria-South 4/1997

"Reminiscent café / reminiscent theatre = generation theatre", final work for the education in the leader for creative dance, Academy NÖ 9/2006

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