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Regina Schreiber

Theatrical pedagogue and play pedagogue, Vienna




C´Europe on Stage Austria

Winner of the Grundtvig LLL Award 2008 - C'you - C'me (as a PDF download in German)

Pictures of the presentation (as a PDF download in German)

Multicultural Director´s work (as a PDF download in German)

Various international reports

The Malta Independent

Wired Malta (as a PDF download)

Learning Partnership (contributions from Finland) Learning Partnership 2

Forum Theatre Asvestohori 2009 (contribution from Greece)



Tell Me a story (as a PDF download)

An international project with the partner countries Poland, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands,
France and Austria. It is about testing of theatrical methods under the motto of "legends" from the single countries.

Workshop on the 16.5.2013 in Gondomar, Portugal

Management: Regina Schreiber

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