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Regina Schreiber

Theatrical pedagogue and play pedagogue, Vienna

Interview campus & city radio St. Pölten in the 9/1/2010

(in German)

  • After my education in theatrical educational theory at the academy in Remscheid (Germany) and the education in play educational theory and creative dance as an educational and artistic movement design, I worked as a self-employed or employee with people of different age or clientele.
  • Careful, respectful and dignified interaction with one another was and is important to me. I have tried to convey these values in numerous courses, workshops and individual work.
  • As animals are also very close to my heart, I decided in 2020 to complete an apprenticeship as an animal trainer, where the therapeutic effect of the human / animal relationship is specifically researched and practiced.

  • In addition, I am interested in quantum physics, the brain and behavioral research, as well as telepathic communication between humans and animals, which is also the subject of my specialist work in training as an animal trainer.

Living and Breathing (Forum) Theatre (as a PDF download)


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