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Regina Schreiber

Theatrical pedagogue and play pedagogue, Vienna

Member of the theatrical group "Wiegl" (from 1981 - in 1994)
Development and performances with different forum theatre productions
Participation in 7. International festival of the "theatre of the oppressed" in Rio de Janeiro (1994)
Forum theatre workshop, women's summer university - Salzburg (13th-17th of July, 1987)
Participation in the dance theatre - project "IODO" - "The sea and the women" (Febr. - Nov., 1990, performances at the WUK)
Forum theatre seminars within the scope of the adult education
Training with different theatre groups
Forum theatre - Project "INIGO" work and performances with-term unemployed people (1996/97)

Participation in dance theatre projects with Auguste Reichel (in 2001-2003)
Subject: Fairy tales, development and performances: "The Frog King", "Good girls spin" and "Who´s
the fairest of all in the whole country"




2007 - Workshop in Greece on the island Spetses


2007 to 2009 co-operation and direction with the EU project C'Europe on Stage

With the help of Forum Theatre the partners (Finland, Malta, Greece and Austria) in this way acquire a deep understanding for "foreign-European" cultures. At the same time the mirror is held up through these partners
partners what concerns their own culture. This results in a greater awareness and tolerance for cultural differences and similarities in human behaviour – across all cultural and political boundaries.

2009 - 2010 theatrical project

In this theatre educational project, we have come clos to the original fairy tale "Snow White" with various improvisational techniques. Based on the original story and the fairy tale roles we have presented the story in short scenes in "in now " with types from everyday life. In addition, it this project was experimented with different theatrical elements, like with dialogue scenes, non-verbal movement theatre, comedy and drama that we have brought together in one piece.




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